I’d like to make it somewhat easy for people to follow this and understanding some of my background is key to following my journey, since I’ve started this blog somewhere along the way. The middle? maybe. More than halfway? I hope. Anyway…here’s some background.

In 2000, I got married. In late 2001, my husband and I moved across the country and in 2004, I gave birth to our first child, we’ll call Bug. In 2005, I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom and my family moved again. After a tumultuous 2006, involving a brief separation due to my dear husband’s depression and its impact on our family, I gave birth to our second child in early 2007. We’ll call said child Monkey. The loves of my life will be a big part of my ramblings here.
Our move of 2005 landed us in a fixer-upper. More like a crapshack, but fixer-upper sounds better. We’ve been remodeling from the ground up for about 18 months and we’ve done so on quite a tight budget. Hubby doesn’t make much and we’re financing the renovations on his pay alone. I’ll be sure to share some of our fab remodeling finds in the future.

I’m also a runner, have run since 1992 when I joined the track team as a high school freshman (yes, you can now calculate how old I am). I’m training for a marathon. Actually, since having my kids, I’m just trying to get into good enough shape to start training. I’d like to complete one by October 2008 and I plan to use this website to hold me accountable.

I enjoy fashion. I’m a recovered shopaholic. Or is it recovering? I do enjoy shopping, it’s just not as much fun with so little money. I consider myself a frugal fashionista these days. I once was 24 years old with $12,000 in credit card debt. I’ll share the journey into and out of that hell someday too.

And last of all, I love me some stock market investing. I am still learning the ropes, but since jumping in less than 2 years ago, I’ve come out with a 36% return on my money. I’ll share the ups and downs of that part of my life also.