Actually hubby did. He goes through these funny phases of worrying about things like a war or bomb or weather event affecting our ability to grocery shop. So, while I was away for two days this week, he spent our house remodeling budget for the week on non perishable goods for the pantry. Which actually even though I want to roll my eyes a bit because I’d like this house done already, it’s quite nice opening the cupboards to more than a can of tuna and a bulk can of kidney beans.

We have enough pasta to make Dr. Atkins have a heart attack and so many canned goods, Monkey is in baby heaven (he loves climbing in and rolling them all out onto the kitchen floor and chasing them).

It was a good time to stock up, as pasta was 3 boxes for $1 and canned goods were on sale BOGO free.

And let’s be honest here, there’s plenty of work to be done around the house without spending any money this week. Maybe he’ll finally hang some stuff on the walls and install the closet shelving we have laying around!