Man, the stock market is taking a nose-dive. It’s taking quite a bit of guts and stupidity for me to keep watching my money go away. Today I lost over $500. But my Berkshire Hathaway B shares went up $36/share. So there is that silver lining. I bought a new stock last week. I had to have it. I jumped the gun and bought it when I shouldn’t have and it has gone down $7/share since. I bought 28 of them. Bah.

The good news is that my stock investments aren’t for the immediate future. I don’t really know when they are for. I don’t touch them – they just do their thing and I suppose someday maybe 30 or so years from now I’ll cash out and maybe buy something tangible. So hopefully my daily ups and downs don’t mean too much for that future. But it’s sure not fun seeing such a loss. I much prefer the “you made $900 by sitting on your ass today” days! 🙂