I find myself wondering a lot whether I am really frugal or if I am just cheap. I like to think that I am the frugal one, balancing out the pure cheapness of hubby. I still like to have nice things, good food, etc…but I like a really good deal. Hubby will buy a pair of jeans for $4 and 6 years later not have taken the tags off and worn them because they’re too nice. Yes, you can roll your eyes now.

So, how does such a marriage work? He would prefer that we just not have bills, expenses, etc…and I think I am more in reality that we have to have expenses and bills and such because we’re alive. I try to do what I can with what little we have to provide a lot of bang for our buck.

Some ways I do this:

1. Winn Dixie gives coupons for $10 a $75 grocery purchase. Our usual weekly grocery budget is $60 but the weeks we have the coupon, we spend $65 on $75 worth of food. Those are the weeks that we stock up on meat and more expensive items.

2. I bargain shop for clothes for my kids. And when I find a good deal, I stock up. I got my daughter’s fall wardrobe for $26 at Target when their pants and tops were on sale for $3 each and I pick up things here and there for $1 or $2 at consignment shops

3. I improvise. A lot. I don’t buy things like paper towel, paper plates, etc…not only is it more economical to use dishrags instead, but it’s earth friendly too.

We have all sorts of things we do to keep our utilities bills down. I will write another post on that someday soon.

In the meantime, I will continue pondering whether I really am frugal or just cheap. It’s taken some time for me to accept that I am frugal by necessity. And I spend a lot of time dreaming of the day I can be frugal by choice. And my hubby wears those cute jeans he bought in 2001.