One of my biggest issues with being frugal and saving money and making sure to set myself up well for the future – retirement, weddings, college educations, etc… – is that I worry that I am not allowing myself or my family to truly enjoy today. Now, I understand that one doesn’t have to spend tons of money to get a lot of fulfillment out of life. And I try to keep that in mind. But I also like to be able to say “yes” when my daughter asks me if we can stop for ice cream while we’re on our way home, or any number of things that are fun and in the moment things without feeling guilty about where that money is going to come out of the budget.

I have money in the stock market and I just leave it there. I’ve been fortunate enough to have that ability to invest freely and a bit riskily along the way and I enjoy it. I enjoy thinking about what I’ll do someday when I use that money. But I also feel guilty when I think sometimes that I could be saving for later at the expense of my family’s life today.

So I’ve made a decision.

Until now, I’ve had the dividends that I earn from my stocks reinvested. Not huge amounts, but each month when the dividends are paid out, they go right back into buying a portion of that stock. Fine. I don’t particularly own stocks that pay high dividends because I really think that a stock that pays too much in dividends isn’t a good stock to own anyway. I’d much rather see a stable company that isn’t all about paying out dividends.

But I’ve switched my options to have the dividends sent to me in checks. And I vow to use those dividend checks solely for my kids. Whether I save them and build them up for something really nice once or if I use them in small amounts to just do some little cool things guilt free for the Bug and Monkey.

This makes me happy. A guilt free way to do some family fun stuff and everyone wins!

Now I’ll be checking my mail obsessively for my first check. Who doesn’t love a check in the mail?