Is it possible to like nice things and appreciate aesthetics but also not be picky? Well, for me it is. I am very laid back and go with the flow. And that helped tonight when I went out to buy paint for the bedroom that is almost done (yay!). I wanted blue walls and chocolate brown accents in the curains/pillows/bedding. I came home with beige and will be just as happy with the red curtains/pillows/bedding that I guess will go nicely. I was going to spend $52 at Sherwinn-Williams for the blue paint. But I found 2 gallons of this sandy beige color at Home Depot on the ooops cart. $52? $10? I went with $10. And it honestly doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m not sure what that says about my taste other than I’m easily swayed by a good deal.

So this weekend, hubby is off work and the trim is going up and paint after that! Yippee!