Will hopefully mean really great results later. I have, in the past, fallen into the trap of getting too comfortable. Spending money on what I want now instead of waiting until I could afford it or just realizing I didn’t need it at all and going without. That’s what helped me obtain over $12K in credit card debt 10 years ago. And it’s why I still don’t trust myself with a credit card. I’m a cash girl. If I don’t have the money for it, I can’t have it. And somehow magically not being able to afford something is the biggest predictor of whether I need it or not.

I like saving money, planning for another day, and going beyond my comfort zone. Because being a little uncomfortable now, not having everything my heart desires means that I am living well within my means. I’m not living a fake life of comfort that I truly can’t afford. Sure, it would be just lovely to have a huge home and new cars and all sorts of other things that people convince themselves they need. But I’d be comfortable and that would keep me from striving for moree. It would make it so that I am a little *less* comfortable 20 years from now when I want to retire but won’t be able to because I have to keep paying the mortgage and utilities and car payments and insurance on my house and cars. I don’t want to look back then and think about all the things that I just had to have now that I don’t even own anymore but they still own me. I hope, and I think it will happen, that by living so simply today, I’m creating that better more comfortable tomorrow. That by saving money today instead of stretching myself thin that I can have freedom and flexibility with money later in my life. I don’t need the big American dream of a huge house with a white picket fence (although let’s be honest here, I *really* want a new fence) and new cars in the driveway in my 20s. Of course, there’s always the other side to that. How nice would it be to be comfortable today and still saving for tomorrow? In this life though, it’s not a reality for me. So I have to choose one or the other. I choose tomorrow.

Maybe I’m just rationalizing because this is the way we’ve chosen to do and I feel good about it and feel the need to protect my little way of doing things. These feelings didn’t come naturally, I had to work very hard on changing my mindset to have an appreciation for a simple life. But now that I have that way, I think it’s pretty cool and I see how it is so beneficial to tomorrow. Every once in a while I’ll do one of those online retirement calculators to make myself feel better that what we’re doing today is helping us for tomorrow.

And when I think about the greatest things in my life, they all came from a little discomfort. Delivering both of my babies without meds (okay maybe a lot of discomfort) gave me the best two things in my life. And let’s face it, as I train for this marathon, I am going to have to go well outside my comfort zone of 5-8 mile jogs. But those are the things that are most worth it. The things that we have to work really hard and stay up at night worrying about and push ourselves outside of that little comfort zone. Those are the things that I think are going to pay off so much later. The good news is, life is really good today too, without having everything that I thought I had to have to be happy. I am going to be eternally grateful for this endeavor because it taught me that I don’t need all that stuff to be fulfilled. It has taught me that things I never ever thought I could live through, much less enjoy, are really really wonderful.