I made myself a list of goals at the beginning of the week. Considering the week’s schedule went nothing like I planned, I’m happy to say I accomplished some of my goals. No, not all. I can’t be perfect all the time.

1. I ran 5 times. 2 more than I aspired to, so yippee! I ran 5 miles on Monday – in 41:28. 5 miles on Wednesday in 41:18 and 5 miles on Saturday in 41:20. I also did 2 other 2 mile jogs on Thursday and Friday. I am very pleased.

2.The bedroom is not done. I need to perfect my nagging. In hubby’s defense, the new washer and dryer arrived on Wednesday and he decided to do the laundry/mudroom remodel before installing them. So the bedroom got put on hold while he tiled and put up new walls in there.

3. I listed two items on craigslist. Neither has sold yet but I’ve had some interest and I have a few more things to list tomorrow.

4. My spare change jar turned up $18.79!! Yay!

5. I did lots of reflecting this week on all things that I’m blessed with and fortunate to have, mostly my amazing family and wonderful friends who have been there for me through so much.

A successful week overall. I look forward to deciding my priorities for next week and tackling those starting tomorrow morning.