We got Chinese food for dinner tonight. Yum….

I chose one of the three fortune cookies very carefully and was pleasantly surprised when mine said “Buy things because you need them, not because they are on sale”.

So that got me thinking about the evolution of my spending habits. When I was a kid and really through until about age 18, I cared very little for shopping and buying things. I had a job and I had a bunch of money in the bank because I never spent it. Then from about age 19-22, I shopped A LOT and I bought things that I wanted, sometimes things that I needed, but never paid attention to how much it cost. So I accrued lots of debt. From about ages 22-24, I still shopped a lot but paid more attention to cost. So I bought things because I wanted them but at least paid attention to cost. I still was accruing debt. *sigh*

Then I paid off my credit cards and still liked to shop but was forced into only buying only what I could afford. I’m still pretty much at that place. I do find it hard to pass up a bargain and truthfully I just don’t always succeed at it.I try very hard to only buy things I need now and thanks to some really good planning and saving, when the need arises, I can go buy something and still get the one I want, not simply the cheapest one. An example. On hubby’s birthday , our coffeepot broke. Only those who know hubby know how traumatic this was. So, at the spur of the moment, I went coffeepot shopping and not only got something we needed, but got the one I wanted. I didn’t have to check the prices and get the cheapest 10 cup coffee maker Target sells.

Am I always frugal? NO. But I think my daily frugality and my careful planning (and hubby’s also) have helped get us to where we can be frugal most of the time and that lets us have moments of not being frugal. We live a simple life, we don’t have a ton of stuff but what we do have is quality. Really, when it comes to our finances, we have a quality over quantity viewpoint. Except our savings account. We much prefer the quantity there 🙂

Blame the Chinese food coma, I’ve lost my train of thought so I’ll just end my post now. Rambling…