I have a lot of things on my mind lately. On top of being mommy 24/7, I have a lot of stuff to get done around the house, including some projects I have decided to undertake to help along the kitchen. Christmas is looming and I have to get organized for that.

So, this weeks list of things I need to get accomplished is as follows

1. Holiday planning – I have to order my photo cards for Christmas, sit down and write out our budget for Christmas spending, start making a photo slideshow to music to put on dvd for gifts for the grandparents, and go to Michael’s for some inexpensive crafts to start making as Christmas gifts.

2. I started this one last night. I am going to start following a schedule for my days. Each night, I’ll make a list of the things I need to accomplish and lay out a schedule for getting those things done.

3. I have decided to take the unfinished product that is our kitchen into my own hands and am going to make a new countertop for the section of counter that is just white laminate right now. The rest of the kitchen is black granite. So I am going to do a black granite tile job myself and hopefully I won’t ruin anything in the process. I was inspired by an episode on HGTV a few days ago.  I also have a small table that I am going to sand, prime and paint.

4. List a few more things on Craigslist.

5. It’s been easy for me lately to get caught up in all the things around the house that need to be done so I have worked into my schedule sit down on the floor and play time with the kids, along with free activities around town to take them to. I have to make sure that the chaos of the holiday season doesn’t leave them behind and make sure I am still making time for fun with them.

My alloted blog time is over now, so I have to move onto the next item on my agenda. Until later…