My lovely and talented and intelligent friend Paid Twice has tagged me with her 5 Classes to fix my life meme

I am honored and humbled.

So, what 5 classes would I take to fix my life? Plus one with Ms. Paid Twice?

Well, I’d be honored to attend Photograpy 101 with her. I love to take photos and I don’t even pretend to have an artistic eye for it. I do love to take pics of my kids and I’d love to learn more.

Landscaping 101 Oh boy does my yard need landscaping!! I have no idea where to start. We bought this house with a few nice palm trees, a nice orange tree, and some lovely flowering bushes. But I really like the idea of making my own garden with flowers and I’d LOVE to cultivate a veggie garden.

Composting 101 I want to start this ASAP and have added a composter to my Christmas list. It’s all a part of my plan to make soil for my gardening.

Rock Climbing 101 My hubby is a long time rock climber. He’s been to Nepal and climbed the likes of Amadablam and some other wonderful climbs that I’ve seen in pictures of Half Dome and The Shortest Straw in Yosemite. I’d love to jump in and do it like he does. To have the guts to strap myself into harness and just have fun. I think it would be amazing and terrifying all at once. I’ve tried in the past and been too chicken but I’d love to try again.

Marathon Training 101 I’m really good at running 5 miles, even 8 miles. I really just would love to join a club, a teacher, someone who could help me over that hump and past the spot I’m at to move forward, run comfortably and complete my first marathon

Stucco, Fence, House Renovations, etc… 101 Ah hahaha if only it were so easy as knowing how to do this stuff on my house to get it done. I really do want to just have the stucco, fence and all house remodeling done. But, alas, it’s just not happening this week. I do aspire to learn more about home remodeling and I am really excited to take on a few projects to help things along but I wish I knew more and could do more to get this house done already!!

Now to tag…