I received this quote in an email today about “The things we learn when we have kids” and the quote is this:

“You finally realize that true joy doesn’t come from material wealth.” — Anonymous

This is so so so true for me. For the first year of my 3 1/2 year old daughter’s life, I was a working mom. My hubby stayed home with her and played an integral part in raising her to be the amazing child she is today. But to me, while working, there was nothing more valuable than being with her. So 3 days shy of her first birthday, I quit my job, we sold our house and started on our new path. Things were a little iffy there for a bit. It took us a little while to settle down. Hubby got offered a well paying awesome job and then had it withdrawn, we moved twice, and we finally bought our house where we are now.

A lot of sacrifices came with our choices. We bought a house that we could pay cash for which is why we’re in the midst of remodeling 🙂 We skipped things like cable TV, new cars, and the list goes on and on. So I could stay home. So that we could make do and still be investing in our future wisely.

And this morning was one of those times that I thought “this is what it’s all about”.

Monkey was nursing. Nudie. And playing with himself and laughing. It was quite funny.

And Bug woke up today and wouldn’t open her mouth. She was talking with her lips sealed. So everything was coming out “mmmm m mmm mmm mm mm”.

FINALLY I got her to speak and she says all incredulously “A MONSTER STOLE MY WORDS WHILE I WAS SLEEPING!!!”

I live for this stuff. And no paycheck in the world could replace the value of these moments I get to have with these two amazing kids everyday. I feel so so blessed.