1. Think about your values and write down those that really matter to you. What is important? Spending time with family? Becoming wealthy? Learning new ideas? Traveling? Maintaining excellent health? Socializing with friends? Getting Organized? Decide what your priorities are and cut out the rest.

2. Declutter – Not using it? Throw it away! Even better, Give it away! You’ll feel good, I promise 🙂

3. Learn to say “no” – Realizing it’s okay to say no, to not do everything for everyone all the time and to put yourself and your needs first will add time to your day, eliminate stress, and help you accomplish what you really need to do and what’s important to you.

4. Automate Bill Paying – I know I’m probably the only person alive who still hasn’t done this. So, really I’m just talking to myself here 🙂

5. Stop checking your financial portfolio – this one is courtesy of my dad! Stop stressing about the day to day ups and downs of your investments. They’re for the long term and checking them regularly just adds stress.

6. Make time for yourself – Take a bath, go for a long walk, take a class, read a book, do something just for you each day!

7. Drive less – consolidate car trips, cut back on activities, walk, ride bikes. You’ll save on gas and stress!

8. Make a list of goals – pick a few very important to you things to do well and work toward them

9. Do it yourself – I know, not everyone has the time, energy or skills to do a lot of things themselves, but what you can do yourself or can teach yourself, do! Grow a vegetable garden, make your own cheese, bread, whatever…sew things yourself, remodel a room in your home to make it your place of relaxation. You’ll feel a sense of pride and probably save money while you’re at it.
10. Ask yourself – before you do something, check in with yourself. Is it true to who you are? Is it making your life easier? Is it helping you simplify?