2 weeks ago, hubby learned that all year long there had been a challenge going on at work that he didn’t know about. Actually no one knew about it. Their boss told them all that my hubby and one other guy were the only ones so far this year not to be late for work. Because the work hubby does is outside, his schedule fluctuates with daylight throughout the year (he’s kinda like a farmer!) so he’s either had to be at work at 5:30 a.m., 6 a.m. or 6:30 a.m. everyday. And he works weekends too. So, it’s no easy feat. But he has always been a morning person and so it hasn’t been too difficult for him. Not only is he not ever late, but he’s usually 30 minutes early. One day he was there only 5 minutes early and I got an early morning call from his boss wondering if he was okay. Yeah, he’s okay, just he’ll be on time today 🙂

So the point of my hubby and this other guy being the only two who were never late all year is that the boss was giving $500 for it. So because there were two of them, they’d be splitting the money come today if neither of them was late through the end of the month. Enter all the jokes and evil plans for me to go slash the other guy’s tires.

Aside from one close call when Bug was playing with the alarm clock and hid it, things went well. He made it today on time and was handed $250 at their morning meeting.


I am so proud of my hard working and responsible hubby who shows up early or on time to his job everyday even though he hates it.