Have I yet mentioned that I am a procrastinator? I’ve been reading about other’s financial goals and resolutions and thus thinking about what I want mine to be for 2008.

As Part ofCash Money Life’s contest to win an IPOD , I am making a financial resolution for 2008. After much thought and prioritizing, I’ve decided I’m going to build an emergency fund of $5,000. In addition to finishing our home remodel and remaining debt free, and aside from other investments and our retirement. I know hubby will be way on board with doing this since he’s a worrier about the what ifs.

1. Fine tune our budget – We have to sit down and go through it all together and get on board with a budget so we can save save save this year. I also intend to get Quicken to help me out with tracking our expenses. We have been admittedly very very lax about sticking to our categories so long as we have the money for things. It needs to be more organized.
2. Snowflaking – Watching others eliminate debt through snowflaking has inspired me to do the same for adding to savings. I tend to be a big ticketer. I only find it worthwhile to add to savings when we have a decent surplus each month. Otherwise I just don’t bother. But I have to start putting in the smaller amounts instead of watching those disappear.

3. Online money transfer to savings – I still have to look into the best way to do this for us so that we can *easily* put money into savings daily, weekly, monthly. Our problem tends to be that as easy as we can put the money in through online transfer we can take it out. I know that is all about restraint but I also know *us* and we have to find something that will work for us to make it easier to keep at it.

4. Extra income – the majority of what I want this savings to come from this year is from me adding income for us. As a stay-at-home mom, I intend to find new ways and continue the current things I’m doing through online surveys, at home work, freelance jobs, and selling online to add to our income and have that money go straight to savings. Since I know we can’t do it on hubby’s income alone, I have to add to our income.

By January 10th, hubby and I will sit down, look at everything and see where we stand after the holidays and get started on this new resolution.