We’re having yet another frugal Christmas in this household. So I made our list of people who are on the list to receive gifts and made out our budget. My 3 year old is very into Christmas this year. She’s enjoyed decorating the tree and helping me with my shopping and gift making so far. She really wanted to get my mom a gift from only her. So I told her she could have $5. Well, because she’s big into adding right now, I upped her budget to $6 so she could have a $5 bill and a $1 bill and add them together.

We headed out a few days ago so she could pick a gift for my mom. She knew she had $6 to spend. And she had an idea of what she wanted to get. Her first idea was a pink dress. But I know my mom and she looks terrible in pink 😉 so I tried to steer her to another idea. Bug chose getting my mom a pair of earrings. We went to Marshall’s, found the jewelry bin and looked at a bunch of pairs. She chose a few and we discussed that some of them were over budget so she had to pick a different pair. She picked out a pair of lovely dangly earrings that are blue. They’re actually quite nice and go well with her grandma’s taste. They were $5.49. So we headed to the register, she paid for them very proudly and proceeded to call my mother and tell her she got her a pair of earrings for Christmas that are blue circles.

Now that she’s learned what a budget is, I need to work on teaching her what a surprise is.