When I think about my relatively newfound frugality and what it’s done for me as a person, I can think of a few really great things it’s taught me and fostered in myself.

Restraint – I can’t have everything I want right when I want it. I have to say no to a lot of things.

Patience –  I have to wait – until something is in the budget, until something is on sale, or whatever the case may be, or until I save enough to have it.

Appreciation – Having to really think about every purchase I make has resulted in me both making sure that when I do buy something it’s something I really need or sometimes REALLY want and also makes the things I do have that much better, knowing it’s not just “one more thing”.

Simplicity – I’ve learned the beauty of living with less and really enjoying it. Since moving into a smaller home, I’ve really had to prioritize my needs, what can stay and what has to go. I mean, really…how many sets of pots and pans does a girl need?

Creativity – I’ve learned to improvise when a need arises. Can I make it instead of buy it? I’ve started sewing, I’ve done a lot more crafty things than ever before. And I’ve really become very interested in decorating, making a space cozy, without spending a lot of money. I know a lot of that has been because I’ve had the desire to maximize space, make a room say wow and make up for what it lacks in size with charm and personality. I’ve also become much more creative with my cooking, constantly trying new things and challenging myself to make meals stretch.

Frugality is fun! It really has made a more fulfilling and enriching life for me. I may just stay this way forever, whether I need to or not 🙂