It’s that time of year. Hopefully if you’ve shown up at work most days throughout the year and done a decent job of pretending you’re working when your boss comes into your office and you haven’t brought any automatic rifles to work on your bad days, you’ll be getting a Christmas Bonus. Congratulations! Yay you! So, what do you do with it? Well, that depends on a lot of things. Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? Do you have any money for Christmas shopping? You could always use it to be a materialistic consumer. Maybe it’s enough to buy me a Wii or an iPod Touch. Seriously – whoever told me about those things is in trouble because I was blissfully ignorant before and now I really want one. Another option would be to save it! I know, that is sooooo not fun and totally boring but hey it’s an option. You could buy yourself something. But admit it. You do that all year long. And they call it the season of GIVING not the season of GETTING for a reason.

So I’ve been informed by hubby that in next week’s paycheck will be his Christmas bonus. He’s also informed me that it’s for me. awwwww. Which means I have to pick something I want. And truth be told, I want gifts under the tree with my name on them in just 10 short days. I just don’t know what I want those gifts to be. I know the bonus won’t be Wii or Touch big. More like spa day sized. Or a few new nice articles of clothing sized. I am good at making lists for people when they ask what I want. But I am having a hard time actually thinking of something that I just want and don’t necessarily need. I mean, I need a new toaster. Ours was lost in the move over two years ago. I know, 2 years without burnt toast. It’s been hard. But the joy of opening a bright red kitchenaid toaster on Christmas morning is just so – selfless. And well, selfless I am not.

So I guess I have another week of browsing and drooling to decide what it is I really want for Christmas this year. I mean aside from all that having my family together happy and healthy garbage. I’m sure I’ll think of something.