We are leaving for a week long ski vacation on Wednesday. I find it amusing as a vacation nears to see how I turn into Mrs. Cheap. We are eating out of a nearly empty refrigerator, our propane tank is nearly in need of refilling, and I even scrimped on laundry detergent today. I am making a huge enough dinner tonight to make dinner tonight, lunch for hubby at work plus me and the kids at home tomorrow, plus leftovers for tomorrow night. I guess we’ll take short hot showers so we can have the propane tank refilled when we get back. And the laundry — I had ALL the laundry done and our bags packed and was wearing my favorite jeans today that I plan to wear the next two days until we get to our destination. And I had used the last of the detergent. Then I ate lunch and spilled raspberry viniagrette dressing on my lap and had to wash them. So I quickly found more things to throw in with the jeans and put some water in the detergent bottle to get to the rest of the detergent and did another load.

Mr. Cheap got in from a long day at work and I told him of my cheap-o adventures and he highfived me. Not too often my frugality earns a high five. I guess I should be proud.