1. Make interest work for you -don’t just stay out of debt and keep from paying interest but make your money work for you by making interest. As agressively as possible. Too often in my adult life I’ve not taken advantage of my ability to make interest and I’d like to make sure my kids at least understand it so they have the knowledge not to make the same mistake (doesn’t mean they won’t listen to me but all I can do is teach them and let them act on it).

2. Find a balance – saving is important. So is spending less than you make and only spending what you don’t have to borrow. But life is short too. Don’t miss out on fun and happiness because you’re too worried about saving. Just as with everything else in life, act in moderation. Let loose from time to time. It will make the saving easier the rest of the time.

3. Don’t put off planning for retirement – the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be. Make interest work for you. Compound interest is an amazing thing when you’re young and watching your retirement portfolio! And if nothing else, save for retirement. Don’t want to live frugally? Okay. Want to carry a credit card balance? Suit yourself. But be prepared for the later years so you can enjoy them.