Hubby got this book for Christmas. The Underachiever’s Manifesto . Aside from the fact that it came from his holier-than-thou little sister and hubby is still trying to not be offended, it’s a really great read. It puts things in perspective very quickly. Shoots down ideas like having to keep up with everyone else, and points out the bitter reality that we’re all just one person and whether or not you make $30K or $60K or $200K doesn’t matter to anyone but about 3 people in this world of billions – many of whom are starving.

A few favorite quotes from the book

  • “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing half-assed
  • “Good enough is good enough”
  • “If there isn’t at least one person in your life who thinks you’re living below your potential, then you’ve got work to do”

The book encourages living life the way you want to, because life is short and the things many people worry about just don’t matter. Spend more time with family, relax more, leave the office at 5, take a nap, go on vacation. Because working too hard and killing yourself to make more money or win at everything and impress people comes at quite a cost to many – health issues, alcohol consumption, increased stress levels, failed personal relationships, and the list goes on…

Pick it up and read it! You may see yourself in it and make a change or you may have your current way of living validated. Either way, it’s funny!