christmas2007010.jpgAren’t they cute? The view isn’t too shabby either. That pretty much sums up last week. It was surely a fun time. We spent a glorious week in Colorado, relaxing with family, enjoying a change of scenery and celebrating the holidays with loved ones. And we’ve been home a few days during which I’ve attempted to get our home ready for hosting Christmas Part Two with my family today. Not only did that go really well, but it was very special to me this year to be hosting my parents (aka two people who refused to come too close to my house this time last year it was so, um, uncomfortable). They came and ooohed and ahhhed over some of the new stuff we’ve done the past few days like some more window trim, wood blinds, and a few other finishing touches throughout. It means a lot to me that we’ve come so far in so many respects in just one year.

On with the linkage…

Lynnae at Being Frugal writes here about what she wants most of all . It’s a beautiful sentiment and something I think everyone should do NOW. Really get to the core of who you are and what you want. Time’s a wasting and life is flying by.

Cottage Magpie held a pillow giveaway last week. She did a fabulous job and try as I might, I failed to be a lucky winner. I really wanted that red toile pillow *shucks*.

Renae at Life Nurturing Education wrote this beautiful piece about lasting value Very heartwarming.

Okay so I read a lot of other interesting stuff this week too at some of my favorite blog stops but I’m tired, I have a house to clean, and kids who want to show me how cool all of their new toys are. AND the Niners are on TV. That never happens!
Happy New Year!