Happy New Year!

I have resolved to make no resolutions this year. Sure, I have all sorts of things about me I can work on and change and I actually intend to continue working on simply making myself the growing version of myself that I really like. I’ll just keep being true to me and that’ll be good.

Part of that — and what I’ve decided to focus this post on is my risk taking self. I like risk. I actually think I finally realize I thrive on it. I am not all that safe in my choices. I’m fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl. And I hope to continue to foster that aspect of myself while still providing a safe and stable and loving life for my family. I’ve picked up two new books to kick off the year and both focus on risk. I am very excited to get into them. I’ve started with Against the Gods: A Remarkable Story of Risk and will follow it up with Devil Take The Hindmost. I actually got that one for my dad this year and he’s now lending it to me. I’ll be sure to share how I like them both.

Some of the risks that I have jointly taken with my hubby in past years have been a little sketchy. Never really knowing what would happen – but hey, that’s risk for ya! And after taking a downhill slide and hopefully hitting our all time rock bottom together, we’re headed back up again and neither one of us has shyed away from the exhilaration that is taking risk. Not doing things the conventional way but doing things our way. It’s been fun, scary, exciting, scary, thrilling, did I mention scary? But that’s the cool thing I’ve discovered about myself. I can have something bad happen and it doesn’t turn me off forever. I’ll jump right back in and try again. This year was full of that. Jumping back into my marriage with hubby after things had gotten bad. An excellent yet risky choice that has been more than a little rewarding. I’ve been hurt by friends but kept right on plugging away at keeping my end of friendships that more than deserve my effort. This time last year, our house was baaaad. But we kept on plugging away, didn’t throw in the towel and made it home. And I daresay we’d both do it over again if we have (and we will!) the chance.

I’m an eternal optimist. Tomorrow is always a new day. Things could always be worse. So I’ll keep on with my risk taking. I’ll keep being my cheery self through not always so cheerful stuff. So I guess I do have a resolution. Don’t lose that eternal optimism.