Hubby has this rule he lives by on the remodeling of our home. Do every project 95% and then move on to the next project. Sounds fun, huh? Seriously. He can’t concentrate for anything. He’ll tell me he’s going to hang hooks in the closet and I’ll turn around to see him out the window mowing the lawn. “What happened to hanging the hooks?” I’ll say. He’ll reply “I went to get the cordless drill and noticed the lawn needed to be mowed so I’m mowing it.” As if I have 3 heads for asking.

So, in case you think that my house is all perfect and cozy and finished, I thought I’d set the record straight. Here are a few stellar examples of hubby’s implementation of the 95% rule.

A corner in our new bedroom


A corner in our bathroom. Not sure what’s with not finishing a corner. I told him I was doing this post today though and he claims he’ll be finishing the bathroom this weekend. Time will tell…there’s grout to do, trim, and finishing off that old paint job. Patching and painting the door trim. I am sure he’ll mow the lawn instead.


Here’s a spot in our living room. He did all the trim and baseboards in there over 2 months ago. For some strange reason, he left two pieces of the base unprimed or painted. Maybe he noticed the lawn needed to be mowed. Who knows. But there they sit. He needs to paint this piece and repaint the baseboards where he stained one.


And in the bedroom, he put in a built in cabinet. Ran out of trim at the last 3 feet and hasn’t made the run to Home Depot to replace it. Place your bets now how long it will take him to do that!


There’s a lot more stuff like this around the house but I’m trying not to sound too critical! So hun, when you read this…I love you and am grateful for all the hard work you’ve done on our home. Really, I am.