I have declared today organization day in our house. I’ve been very overwhelmed and stressed since during the holidays, we were on vacation, then hosted a Christmas party last weekend. I haven’t had the time or energy to devote to keeping the house a way that keeps me sane. I tackled a few of the big projects yesterday, getting most of the decorations down and put away. I have much more to do today though. Including a major overhaul of my toy organization system.

And my mom just called and is coming over with a dresser. It’s old and came in the little house they bought 6 years ago. They lived in the little house while building their house on the property and the little house is now the guest house. They’re hosting a huge party at the end of the month and will be having friends stay in the guest house. I suppose to them, this means they have to get rid of the ratty old thing. Yeah, it’s old. But it’s cute. And it’s RED! I love red. I’ll take pics later when everything is in order and perhaps even devote and entire photo post to my love of red.

More later. Off to organize!