My blogging has been scattered and unfocused. I’ve either felt uninspired or when I do feel inspired I also feel conflicted about content. I know I have readers who follow along with me because they are interested in all things remodeling and decorating. I have other readers who follow along because they read the finance stuff I have to say. I was considering starting a second blog so I could devote this one to remodeling/decorating/frugality. And another one for personal finance. Instead I have decided to add structure to this one simple blog I have. I bet I’ll find that having a schedule for my blog subjects will also help with real life structure.

I’m going to do the following.

Monday – since the majority of the work hubby gets done around here is over the weekend, I’ll use Monday to update on remodel progress

Tuesday – frugal tips

Wednesday – Investing/Finance related

Thursday – Future remodel plans or decorating ideas

Friday – wrapup of the week and personal stories

I’ll use the weekends as a free for all. If I feel like writing, I will. If I don’t, I won’t.

So there you have it. I am sure that having laid out my schedule will keep me on track and help me be more organized. I can’t promise to stick to it perfectly, but I will try hard. Thanks to everyone who visits and I hope you’ll continue to visit and enjoy some of the things I have to say and share.