I have come to learn through talking to friends and family that there are certainly more than just a few ways to invest. I know to some people just the term “investing” scares them. Based on their own experience or horror stories from others. I really think that no matter who you are and what your personality is like, there is an investment strategy just for you. The biggest problem, I think, is that a person jumps into something that doesn’t match their style or their personality and that is the number one reason an investment will go wrong. Either the investor will bail out early because they don’t have it in them to stick it out or they won’t jump in when they should because they’re not brave enough. Oftentimes, the best time to get to investing and putting your money somewhere is when times are tough. Real estate market tanking? Prices are low. Buy now! But it’s scary. And every wise stock market investor knows to buy low and sell high. Still scary stuff. And stuff you have to have patience for.

The Rational Investor

This investor uses intellect and research more than intuition and gut instinct. A balanced investor can find great opportunity in a market full of gut instinct investors that are bailing on and driving down the price of a stock or other investment. An individual stock price should be based on the value of the business today and the value of the business in the future. Anyone not looking at the window outside the nearest future is not a rational investor. Look at the longevity of a company, what their potential is, and then decide if it’s the right stock to buy or sell.

Fundamental Investeor

A more balanced approach to investing, this style lends itself to the patient and confident investor. One who has done his/her homework on assessing the value of a company long term – further out than next quarter. This investor knows to make a choice and stick with it and their patience will be rewarded later – probably even after riding a rollercoaster for a little while.

These strategies can be applied to other areas of investing like real estate too. There are a lot of ways to make money work for you – some scarier than others- but there’s something out there for everyone. Even if it’s a 7% interest CD. Making your money work for you is a dream anyone can achieve.