My post from yesterday about Saving on Energy Costs got me thinking a great deal about the financial choices we make. We spend approximately the cost of two bottles of decent wine per month to run our hot water and our gas stove. And I drink more than two bottles of decent wine per month. So what’s up with that? I asked hubby about the discrepancy – how he’s totally okay with dropping that money one place but not another and his answer was simple. “I choose to spend less on one thing to have more to spend on another”. And isn’t that really what finances are all about? Making choices that are right for each person and family? There are some things that even the thrifty at heart aren’t willing to give up in order to save more or to pay down debt faster. Some people love their cable TV and aren’t willing to give it up for that extra money each month in their pocket. Those same people would never consider adding alcohol to their budget or Starbucks coffees.

And then I got thinking about a lot of the other choices we’ve made to get to where we are – for better or for worse. Hubby and I spent some of last night discussing the turn of events that led us to buy this house – a house many people wouldn’t have even stepped inside or perhaps even made it to the end of the street to see the house after entering the neighborhood. We all just choose what feels right or needs to be done at the time.

After selling our home 2 1/2 years ago and deciding to move so that hubby could take up this fixer-upper dream and I could stay at home with our kids, we spent a while in limbo. Moving from one place to another, no place to call home, spent a lot of time living out of a hotel, spent a lot of money on in-between costs – eating from restaurants, hotel expenses, dog kennel expenses, travel expenses, moving all of our crap expenses. And when we look back, we think about how instead of all that in between stuff and the cost of all those things we could’ve just hopped on a cruise ship for 6 months and spent the same amount of money and started over when we got off the boat. Hmm…wish we’d thought of that sooner. But we live with our choices. The good and the bad.

Life is one big learning experience and you never really know until something is past whether it was the right choice at the time. And some things that you think are really bad choices but you do them out of necessity turn out really great. And ones that you think are the best decision ever turn out to be a huge mistake. All any of us can do is make the best of what we know and what we have and hope and pray for the best in the long run. And enjoy the ride along the way.