I am not a crafty person. But I like the idea of being crafty and if anything, having a 3 year old has helped me to start being a bit moreso. We do art projects together and make lots of things because kids like glue and art and glitter and stuff like that.

Since hubby installed our kitchen cabinets about 10 months ago, I’ve lived with one of the cabinets being open. It’s meant to be where the cabinets butt up to one another in an L shape but we didn’t do our kitchen in an L shape. I decided making a curtain to cover the opening was a good idea but I was being very wishy washy about what fabric to use and I was, in all honesty, a little daunted by the task.

Then last week I was cleaning out and decluttering and I was getting rid of some stuff. I was about to toss this tablecloth that had some stains that never came out when *ding* I had an idea! It was the colors I’m using in the kitchen – red and white – and I really kinda like the country/cottage-y feel of the check pattern. So, I cut the sizes I needed (I made one for our water jug stand too!) around the stains and voila I had the curtains I kept thinking about but not acting on making. I had rods from our last home that are extra and not being used so I did the whole thing for FREE! Yay me!

Here’s what it looks like. Hubby is going to do the countertop granite tile (I was going to but he doesn’t trust me) soon I hope! And he’ll make a strip to go along the top opening. And hopefully I’ll be rid of that yellow on the walls soon. It’s driving me batty! So what do you think? Cute? Not too bad for someone who isn’t very creative?


And then there’s the dresser we got from my mom last week. I’m thinking about distressing it with hubby’s sander if I can manage to do it without him looking. I’m not sure he’d be happy to see me with one of his power tools. And my mom was getting rid of this decorative birdhouse. I love it and it was too fabulous to pass up but I’m not sure where to put it. Bug is currently using it in her room as a crib for babydoll Emma. It’s big so it didn’t really work on an end table. I’m open to ideas!