It’s Sunday. I especially love Sundays in January because it means I get to watch GOOD football. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I like to watch mediocre football too but something about the playoffs just makes it that much more exciting. So there is that to look forward to today.

And somehow, someway, hubby has gotten a recent jolt of productivity and energy for working on stuff around the house. And finally…the moment I have been waiting for occurred yesterday. There is no longer any NASCAR in my home! No, no, not the actual watching of NASCAR on TV. There’s never been any of that. When hubby was doing those simple tasks like building the walls and windows of our house, he was slapping Tyvek up outside along the way. And the Tyvek wrapped inside the windows. And since there was no casing or trim for the longest time a little while, I’ve been seeing “Dupont Proud supporters of NASCAR” in too many rooms of my home. No more! Let the celebrating begin. All of the windows are cased and trimmed finally! And they look very nice. Pictures tomorrow…

Enjoy your Sunday!