Hubby came home last week and told me this story. It’s too too good not to share with the world. A guy he works with just bought a house with his girlfriend. Awwww. He also just started dating someone else on the side. Not so awwww.

Last week, the girlfriend he’s cheating on his girlfriend with (are you following?) gave him a hickey. So he goes to work and is all worried about his girlfriend (not the cheating one just the girlfriend girlfriend) finding out. So one of hubby’s other really intelligent coworkers decides that they should try to cover it up.

These are grown men we’re talking about. They apparently don’t know the ways of using foundation for such things. So, they used a lightbulb. That’s right. Their genius idea was to hold a lightbulb up to the hickey and make it look like he simply got burned.

He got burned all right. He also got an infection. And needed to go to the hospital. And is on medicine to get rid of it. And because the burn happened at work it’s a big deal because now it’s workmen’s comp related and the bosses are super pissed mildly irritated.

Gotta love when other people remind you just how smart you are, huh?