This may not seem so huge to many, but something happened today to remind me of what really matters in life. Who really counts.

I took the kids out for ice cream. Some plans fell through and Bug was wanting to get ice cream so we did. And the ice cream shoppe we go to is downtown in the historic area. I loooove driving around down there looking at all the cute houses, seeing what’s for sale. getting ideas and such.

Bug is a perceptive one and as soon as she saw we weren’t on our way home, she was asking me where we were going and what we were doing. I told her I was just going to drive around a few streets to look at houses. She very amusingly replied, “Please don’t buy one. Our yard isn’t big enough for another house!” I explained that if/when you buy a new house, it means you move there rather than bring it home with you. She then asked what we’d do with our current house and I said “well, we’d sell it”. Oh boy.

The tears started flowing and she got all choked up. When I asked what was wrong she was sobbing about how “I *sob* love my room. I *sob* love my vanity! I *sob* love my house! Don’t sell it!”

And I was reminded that even though I may see other houses and how cute they are and how they’re different from where we live now (not that ours isn’t cute – I do think it is and I do love it and we really don’t have any intention of moving anytime soon), I was reminded that when you’re little, you don’t care about stuff like how big a house is or if it has all those things that we as adults convince ourselves we need to be comfortable.

She reminded me for today why our home is fabulous and what we’ve been working towards and it is so special to me. This from the girl who used to call every room other than the living room “the messy room” and the living room “the bedroom”. We’ve come a long way and I couldn’t be happier.