Well, it wasn’t even that over the top. But it was relaxing and involved spending money. I like to think of spending money much like being on a diet. Moderation is key. Overindulging or underindulging are both on the relatively unhealthy side. For me at least. I mean, I suppose you could compare someone who’s really hardcore frugal to an anorexic if you’re using food terminology and a person who spends too much like an overeater. Neither is really very good for you. You have to live a little.

So, to balance myself out today, I had a day of indulgence. I spent 3 glorious hours getting a haircut and shopping. I even tipped more than usual! I don’t get a lot of time away from my kids so I told my stylist to take her time. I got a peppermint massage before my haircut and afterwards I went to Starbucks for a latte to keep me company while I window shopped. I didn’t buy anything while shopping but I stared longingly at many many things.

I’d like to think that having done a little something for myself helped curb my spending later in the day. I definitely find myself antsy, on the verge of sad even when I deprive myself too much of spending any amount of money on myself. And when I do a little something for myself, it helps me stay focused on my financial goals because I am not totally depriving myself of some fun now and then.

And now I have lots of ideas that I got from stores I browsed for bargains I want to find later. I intend to take my new ideas and either make some stuff or find them much more inexpensive elsewhere. Even *I* can make 4 valances for under $70!! And while I am on this little sewing kick, I think I’ll try to make a few decorative pillows. I am sure to spend less than $25/pillow, right? And have fun while I am at it.