We had a busy weekend around the house this past weekend. Hubby busied himself on Saturday with installing a bunch more window trim that’s been laying around for a while and this makes me happy for one big reason.

Along with the trim in the dining area going in, we also swapped out the furniture in there. It’s a confusing spot for us. After moving from our much bigger home where we had both a kitchen eating area and a dining room so we had furniture for both, we haven’t been able to decide what set of table and chairs to use. One is an old cherry table and Hitchcock chairs. The other is a beautiful cherry Stickley dining set complete with a leaf table, buffet and hutch and 6 antique chairs. The Stickley set is all really waaaaay too big for our home but we haven’t been able to part with it yet. Well, we’ve tried but apparently where we live there isn’t much of a market for such things. So we still have it. But it’s now collecting dust in our storage room. Not only did we bring out the old table and chairs again but we turned the table at a new angle and it’s freed up a ton of space in that spot. It was one of those things that as soon as we did it we both said to each other “why didn’t we think of this sooner”. Oh, no wait. That is what I said. Hubby said “I always thought it should be that way but didn’t want to tell you what to do”. Suuuuure. Leave it to a man to take credit for someone else’s good idea. So here’s a photo of the dining area with window trim and the new table.106_7155.jpg

I guess I am so used to piles of trim laying around my house that I never even notice in time to move stuff like that for photos. Oh well. And I can never decide on tablecloth or no tablecloth. My next project in here is making a valance and hanging some plates on the wall.

Maybe window trim and furniture arranging wasn’t manly enough for hubby because he woke up on Sunday before dawn and was out in the yard digging a ditch. Yup. Apparently he decided it was time to put in all new electrical wiring to our well pump. How very masculine of him. So here’s a shot of that little project too just because I think it’s funny.100_0267.jpg

So there is this week’s progress. A few other little things got done too, like window trim in the playroom/office but that’s not all that interesting for a photo and the room isn’t done yet and the trim still needs to be painted.