So I went MIA for a few days. After the episode my mom had last week I went to spend a few days with her because she needed help. She’s had another episode since but seems better now. And then last night my 3 year old was being wild and crazy as usual and hit her chin on the tile floor, gashing it open and ending up in the ER getting it glued back together. $200 for superglue yippee!

I’m catching up in my reader and here are some posts I enjoyed from this week

Ed at the minus sign blues shared eco-friendly, frugal homes. I love all things frugal, eco-friendly, and I love looking at houses so this was a winner for me!

Steve at brip blap shared his excellent post full of a little too late advice on building wealth. My favorite is his advice to take risks!

Paid Twice shares her inspirational How I budget I wish I was this organized! Oh and Miss Alison at This wasn’t in the Plan is a pretty inspirational budgeter too.

Mrs Micah became an investor! Horray!!

I loved this insightful post at The Quest for Four Pillars.

Amy at The MotherLoad shares advice on choosing a hobby wisely. Good stuff!

There you have it! Enjoy your weekend!