I’ve become decorating obsessed. Perhaps due to the pure glee that my home is actually finished enough to start decorating. Something about unfinished rooms kept me from really caring where the furniture was or what was on the walls or what pieces I had on my shelves. So, not much got done around here on the inside of the house over the weekend. Hubby was too busy filling in that ditch he dug last weekend. I did, however go thrift shopping and scored a few cute things and started homeying (that’s a word whether wordpress says so or not!) up my house.

First, I found this 102_0351.jpg and had to have it. It was $1 and is currently residing on my buffet but I’m contemplating putting it in the bedroom with red toile bedding that I am sloooooowly piecing together.

I also found this little birdcage that Bug really wanted me to get. Also $1. And I think it’s cute! 102_0352.jpg It is also residing on the buffet where it has so far been safe from being used as a crib for Bug’s dolls.

I also nabbed a cute shabby chic little table which is on my list of furniture to work on refinishing soon. Right after I make valances, climb Mt. Everest, and hang some decorative plates.