I was watching the Giants vs Packers last night on TV. Boy did that make me glad I don’t live in Wisconsin. Brrrr…

Anyway, that’s not my point. The Giants won in overtime. Yay! I don’t particularly root for the Giants regularly but I do like their quarterback’s name, if anything. I was pulling for them and excited to see them win. I couldn’t even watch the ending. I get like that watching sports. I get so invested that my tummy starts doing flips and I hide my head under a blanket when the going gets tough out there on the field.

The Giants had a chance to win it at the very end. Eli Manning drove the team down the field with 2 minutes to go and got them to within very reasonable field goal distance to win the game. It was tied 20-20. 4 seconds left. The kicker comes out. He’s already missed one kick and been screamed at by the coach earlier in the game.

He misses. For the second time in the game.

*buries head in blanket*

So overtime starts  and the Packers give the ball back to the Giants and Eli Manning marches the Giants right back down the field to within field goal range. This time, it’s a 47 yarder, longer than both that the kicker had missed already.

But what does he do? He walks right out there and nails the field goal to send the Giants to the Super Bowl.

*lifts blanket from over head*


I was so excited for the guy I can’t even remember his name. I just thought it was so great that he stepped out there like a pro and did his job forgetting what had come before.

And that there is a winner. Someone who can forget their failures and walk right back out there and just get the job done. Try again. Forget the past and keep moving forward.

I know it can be easy to get discouraged when you’ve lost or failed to just give up. But it’s when you don’t give up, when you don’t let your past failures and mistakes keep you from your potential, when you just keep working away that you’ll win. Then you’ll be successful.