Well, it’s official! I’m frugal by default! It used to be such a concerted conscious effort for me to be frugal. Really, it was painful. I wasn’t much of a bargain hunter. Sure, I’d be stoked if I stumbled across a good deal. I liked to shop on ebay to save some money here and there but I wasn’t the kind of person who would go to a few different stores or wait until the right deal came along. My two biggest flaws preventing my frugality were impatience and laziness. I couldn’t be bothered or find the time to do things like wait til next week when what I wanted today was on sale. And I certainly didn’t have the energy to store-hop for saving a few bucks. And I wasn’t creative enough to even attempt to make things. But now I do all of that and *gasp* I like it! I wait until I find the perfect thing at the perfect price. I shop multiple stores to make sure I’m not paying too much. And I even make stuff now! It’s like I’m a whole new woman and I like it!

I read somewhere once that it takes a month of doing something a certain way for it to become second nature. Frugality took a LOT longer than that for me but hey, I got here so let’s celebrate. Hooray!

Case in point. Friday is Robert Burns’ birthday. I know, you don’t care. But I’m Scottish so I do care. And I realize many people who are Scottish still don’t really care. But I do. My family has a big party every year on his birthday complete with bagpiper and fiddler and even haggis at dinner. Yuck. I may be Scottish but I’m not gross.

So, although I do see myself as a changed woman, I am still ME. And that means that when a special occasion is coming I like to have something new and fun to wear. The only requirement for the party Friday is that I wear plaid. I own plaid. But I like NEW things. So I went out shopping today. I intended to come home with a cute plaid miniskirt but didn’t find any that I liked in my size. After shopping a few stores, I found some plaid stuff in JCrew. I got Bug a plaid headband to go with the outfit she’s wearing. And there were satin plaid belts. So I grabbed one. I paid $4 and change for both. Not too shabby. I wasn’t sure I was done yet though because I don’t really have much to wear the belt with and I’m not wild and crazy enough to wear it by itself.

But I came home because I was tired and hungry and started digging through my closet. I stumbled on the dress I bought in November. Father in law called before our trip to Colorado to tell me to pack a black dress for a fancy dinner out and I didn’t have a black dress so I went and bought one. Banana Republic had black sheath dresses $100 but 60% off so I snagged it for $40. Not bad for a classic little black dress that I can wear forever or at least until I’m not a size 2 anymore. I pulled it out of my closet and put it on and then put the belt on and it looks really cute! Even Bug thinks so and she’s such a fashion critic. You wouldn’t believe this girl. I have no idea where she gets it from ๐Ÿ˜‰

A friend informed me that belted sheath dresses are really in right now too. Wow! I am cluelessly chic! Fabulously frugal!

I’ll be sure to share pictures after the festivities this weekend.