Hubby went to the grocery store yesterday. Lately he’s been going for a few things and coming home with way more than a few things. He’s not exactly a fan of budgets. He likes the flexibility of being able to spend on things when they come up on sale and not have a budget telling him he can or can’t. Okay, whatever. We disagree on budgeting but we do okay anyway and we’re not spending money we don’t have. So he comes home yesterday with 20 lbs. of this coffee that was on sale for $1/lb. $1/lb for coffee! That’s unheard of! My freezer is overflowing with it now. I waited until I had my coffee this morning to post about his frugal escapade in case the coffee really was only worth $1. But it’s VERY good. And it’s from Louisiana. Some of my favorite things are from there 🙂