I get blog post ideas in the funniest of places. I went to Barnes and Noble today to take the kiddos to the train table and buy that gift card y’all have been clamoring over the past few days making me feel like a celebrity the way the comments are flying in. I got myself a latte I know tsk tsk spending on such frivolous things but I figured if one of y’all would be sitting there in the near future sipping away and reading books or magazines on my dime I should treat myself to a little something too. So I did.

I sat sipping my latte while Bug and Monkey played with trains and read books. Bug really loves sitting there by the train table reading books with me. She almost never plays with the trains anymore. She went over to a book rack and grabbed a Berenstain Bears book. I love those books because they teach all sorts of great lessons. This one was called Count Their Blessings. It’s all about the bear cubs going to their friends houses and how mama bear dreads when they come home because they always come home whining about how their friends have more dolls and games and stuff than they do. And mama bear teaches them about counting their blessings – being thankful for what they have instead of longing for what they don’t have. Part of the story involves there being a thunderstorm and mama is teaching them how they’re so lucky to have a warm and cozy home to hang out in when the weather is bad. Then the power goes out and they talk about how lucky they are to have papa bear who knows how to start a fire to keep them warm. And how lucky they are to have mama bear who knows how to make them hot chocolate. It’s a sweet story and really great to start teaching kids young to be thankful for what they have.

Although things change as we grow older, as adults we can oftentimes lose track of what’s important. Forget to be thankful that we even have a roof over our heads a place to call home. That we are healthy and able bodied to provide for our families. That we are blessed to have loving families and friends. The list goes on and on. So, today, through the gift of a 3 year old who loves to be read to at the book store, I’ve been reminded to count my blessings. Instead of counting the things I want that I don’t have.