I know – can you believe what a whiner I am? I was starting to feel a little lame about it, but whatever – it’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want to. I am already feeling better. Took the kids to the grocery store. I was really annoyed to get home this morning to find the dogs had no food left and we had no milk in the fridge. Then I went into Bug’s room to get an outfit for her and these tents.jpg

were in her room. Not taken apart. Just thrown onto her bed. I understand that hubby had to do some work in the kitchen and I very much appreciate the work that he was doing – but seriously? Annoying. Anyway, we got back from the grocery store and I emptied this (which up on seeing this photo it appears I need to wash) coffee.jpg and sat down in my favorite cozy chair with these mags.jpg that I scored at a yardsale yesterday. There was a HUGE stack of them free. I only grabbed a handful I guess because I thought even though they were giving them away I’d look all greedy and rude taking more. I curled up with Bug on the couch watching a movie and Monkey in my arms nursing and about 45 minutes later there was this

elisleeping.jpg and this drewsleeping.jpg

They’re still asleep by the grace of God. And hubby called from work to ask us to meet him at the beach tonight for a little fun in the ocean. It’s absolutely gorgeous today so that will be fabulous.