I got thinking a lot about consumer ethics today. As I said earlier today, I had to go to the grocery store. We needed dog food and milk and while I was there I got a few other things that we’d run out of. I got rung up and walked out of the store, loaded everything into the car and drove home. When I got home and was unloading the dog food, I realized that I didn’t remember the cashier ringing it up. And sure enough I checked my receipt and I wasn’t charged for it.

That led me to think of last week when I pulled up to Subway and hubby ran in and got a sub and came out and as we’re driving away he said something like “that’s weird that I got my sub for $3 and change, it’s usually $5 and change.”

Two other scenarios from the past year came to mind about the same idea – consumer ethics.

Hubby was at Home Depot last year when we were in the midst of the hugest most elaborate part of our remodel. He was buying all of the flooring for the kitchen/dining room/living room in the house. See all that lovely terracotta tile in the pictures in the left sidebar? Yeah – that’s what I’m talking about. He got to the checkout and the girl rang up ONE box of tile. Instead of the many many boxes of tile he had on his cart. So the total she gave him was $300 less than it should have been.

And yet another instance. Bug and I go to Target a lot together and we just wander the aisles. One day, we went and bought a few things and then left. As I was getting her into the car (she had been walking) I realized she had a book in her hand. That I hadn’t paid for.

So there you have it. The handful of consumer ethical dilemmas that my family has faced in the past year. Not all resulted in the same go pay your due outcome. What would YOU have done in each one? I’ll be happy to share the outcomes later.