drewbeach.jpgWhat comes to mind when you hear that term? Inspired Life. To me, it makes me think of people who make a difference through their actions and words. Someone’s living an inspired life if they look at life as a blessing, appreciate what they have, and try to make the world around them a better place. They add fun and laughter and color to life. You walk away from that person touched. I’ve been drowning lately – feeling overwhelmed, sad, negative. And I want to snap out of it. I want to get back to smiling at strangers on the street, doing my part to help make the world brighter. So, to start – I’m painting my kitchen! 🙂 That’ll brighten things up a bit, don’t you think? You may laugh about painting a room being inspiring, but we all have different priorities. I find my home with my hubby and two kids to be the foundation for life. Making it warm and inviting and cozy and full of beauty is part of an inspired life. Organization is another part. How can you feel inspired or positive or productive amidst chaos and clutter?

But beyond home, beyond those tangible things, there is more I can do and more I want to try to do. I have two children watching me everyday, learning from me about how to navigate their way through this world. I can do little things like smile at a stranger, hold a door for an old woman walking out of Barnes and Noble even though I have a baby in one arm, a coffee in the other and a preschooler holding my leg. Put other people first. Make other people feel loved and important and make sure no one around me feels invisible. Only through living an inspired and love-filled life can I teach the generation behind me to do the same.

I have this fabulous friend. I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this here. But she’s an inspiring woman. She’s generous and kind and never rarely has a bad thing to say about anyone. We’re all human afterall. She teaches love and caring everyday through her actions. She shows patience with her children, she shows gratitude and appreciation for every little moment she has on this earth. She makes other people want to be better. And the best part is that she teaches her children everyday, just by being herself, how to be inspiring people too. Her children are thoughtful, considerate, and loving. Helpful, funny, and unconcerned with being cool, but caring more about how to make everyone around them feel special. It’s a gift. My friend is a gift. We ALL should act like we’re gifts. That we’re here to give to others instead of take for ourselves. Listen more. Talk less. Hug more. Hurt less. Smile and laugh more. Frown less. Give the world what you’ve been given and I guarantee you’ll get back beauty and love in return. Focus on only yourself and be negative and you’ll find an unhappy world around you. It’s really true what “they” say. You get what you give. Start giving inspiration!