What is beautiful? Beauty comes in so many forms, but to me it’s what makes me feel calm, peaceful, comfortable when I see something, and inevitably brings a smile to my face. It’s the little things that we often miss if we’re moving too fast through this world. Like snowy woods snowywoods.jpg

or waves crashing on a beach


Beautiful isn’t perfection. It’s embracing imperfection. It’s not about perfect hair or perfect skin or a perfect body. Who has any of that anyway without airbrushing? Freckles and a sweet smile go a long way toward beautiful. freckles.jpg

And what’s a beautiful home? One decorated so elaborately and ornately that you don’t feel like you can move without breaking something worth the cost of your car? Nope. Not for me. A beautiful home to me is one full of rooms that you feel like you can sit for hours comfortably sipping coffee while chatting away with an old friend. cozyroom.jpgOne with heart and soul built with my husband’s bare hands. One full of unique imperfect furniture with history, dents, chipped paint, even crayon marks on it.

Yes, I have found a way to discover beauty in the little things in my life. An hour snuggling on the couch with my kids, a trip to the beach to end a long day, a smile from a stranger with a nod of understanding when I have my hands full with two kids, my daughter running inside after playing in the yard holding out a flower that she picked for me, a good laugh or cry with a dear friend. It’s important to see the beauty in these little things now. Because somehow when I look back someday, I know it’s really the little things that are going to seem so big.