Yesterday was a total frugal flop. Here’s what happened. I took my kids to playgroup at this indoor play place. We have only been one other time and that was months ago. So, I forgot that it’s a socks required place. For some strange reason, I had a pair of socks for each of the kids. So I was prepared where I usually am not – why did I have two little peep pairs of socks in my purse? But I wasn’t wearing socks and they wouldn’t let me in without them. I’d already paid the $9 to get Bug in. There was a dollar store next door. But it was one of those annoying ones that calls itself a dollar store but really the prices are like multiples of a dollar. Makes no sense to me. So I spent $3 on a pack of 3 socks – I need socks anyway but still I was annoyed. Then a woman came in and had the same thing happen to her, paid and her son was already running around and she wasn’t wearing socks. So I gave her one of my new pairs so she didn’t have to go do the same thing I just did. So really I paid $3 for 2 pairs of socks and a feel good moment.

THEN, we’re in there playing and Monkey is climbing around on all the stuff having a great old time and I hear it. The poop. He pooped. He has never once pooped when we were out of the house. And he almost always poops in the late afternoon. I know, way more than y’all need to know about my almost 1 year old’s poop schedule. But still, I *should* be prepared for the event and I wasn’t. I didn’t have one single diaper in my bag. How did that happen? Well, when I got home and found them strewn about in the living room I realized that my purse had been rummaged through. We did need more diapers in the next few days anyway but I was extremely annoyed with myself. A $9 morning at the playplace turned into $25 after I paid for socks and then went to Food Lion (which by the way if you have one of these don’t ever go there. It was disgusting. Seriously smelled like puke and cigarettes – I’d have been better off putting up with the poopy diaper stench than walking in there) to get diapers and wipes.

It could’ve been worse, I realize. And it’s not like I was buying things that I wouldn’t otherwise have had to buy within the near future, but I was still really annoyed at myself. I vow to be much more prepared and organized next time we leave the house.