This was a fun week. I spent a lot of time being social, including 5 blissful hours last night at a friend’s house with a bunch of girlfriends just gabbing and laughing away without any kids or hubbys in sight. I needed it. It was a good week for me, in terms of getting myself back to a positive frame of mind and making sure to slow my pace a bit.

I read some great stuff along those same lines too – seems it may just be that time of year for soul searching and getting back to basics.

A post that really hit home for me this week was today at Being Frugal – What Women Wish Men Knew About Money. This has everything – feel good stuff, practical advice, and I read #4 to my hubby

Chatting at the Sky’s My Daily Bread was a nod-along for me too. “I realized there was really never such a thing as patient, sweet me and I had certainly never been amazing. At least not in the way I thought. It’s just now that I was married, there was someone always there to reflect the reality of my lack.” Good stuff.

Father Sez was Counting My Blessings Again and Again. The part about looking downward instead of upward really rang true for me.

Nutrition Fitness Life shares about her Me Time in the mornings. Her time to pray, organize or daydream. I think we all need a little of that each day!

And I couldn’t choose just one post from The Inspired Room so just go read everything she’s ever had to say. She’s fabulous!

I also discovered Young and Frugal this week and really have enjoyed those reads so check that out too!

Happy Weekend!