This past week, my house has been spotless.

It’s been a real emotional rollercoaster the past few days. A week ago, I weaned my baby boy from nursing. He was biting me and it was becoming less than fun for both of us so we called it quits. The transition has gone much more smoothly than I ever could’ve imagined. He’s happier, less clingy, eats like a piggy, and has started to sleep through the night finally. Which is probably the single best thing that has come out of the past week. Last Wednesday, he turned one year old and we had a fun time celebrating. Then on Friday, he had his 1 year doctor’s appointment. He got weighed and has gained 9 oz in the past 3 months. The doctor was concerned and ordered a bunch of blood tests. *sigh* Hubby spent the afternoon with him at the hospital getting blood taken and we were told we’d have the results this morning.

They were testing for Celiac disease and doing a test to check and make sure his liver and kidneys are functioning properly along with some other stuff. I spent the weekend telling myself that there is nothing to worry about. Sure, he’s thin, but so am I and we do share some of the same genes. I also spent a good amount of time talking myself into other things that could be wrong and just in general have been a neurotic basketcase for a few days.

So this morning arrives and I call the office at 8:30 on the nose and ask for the results. They take my information and say they’ll call back shortly. I get a call and it’s the nurse asking me to hold for the doctor. My heart stops because I’m sure the reason the doctor has to get on the phone is to tell me really bad news. He tells me that my little guy is anemic. *whew* That’s certainly not anything terrible to worry about. He then tells me that at the lab on Friday, they didn’t do one of the tests he requested, specifically the Complete Metabolic Panel which tells kidney and liver function. So I had to take him back to the lab to get another needle in the arm for that test this morning. Not how I had planned to spend any amount of today. It went okay. I want it all to be over.

We hear on that test tomorrow and we’ll hear on the panel for Celiac by the end of the week, hopefully. I know that no matter what comes of this, he’ll always be my perfect little man and we’ll just do what we have to do. I hate the waiting and the limbo though.

So in the meantime I clean and then clean some more.