When I was 14 years old, I got braces. Had them for about 2 years and got a removable retainer for the top teeth and a permanent retainer behind my bottom teeth. The permanent one fell out one day and my orthodontist made the professional decision not to replace it. Fast forward 10 years and my bottom teeth started shifting. 5 more years brings us to today. My teeth are crooked. I am pretty confident about myself and how I look. That has been a long time coming, through a lot of self destruction and other such unhappiness. One thing I just hate about my appearance though is those so crooked it’s hard to take care of them properly bottom teeth.

So, I went today and got braces. It was the initial consult and I walked out with my top teeth bracketed and I’ll get the bottom brackets in 6 weeks. I look like a total dork, all I need is a zit on the end of my nose and I’m transported right back to the awkward teenage years that I haven’t missed a moment of. I get to go through 18 months of this.

It made it all that much worse that the perky blonds with perfect teeth who work there were smiling and waving at me as I walked out of the office – banana smeared on my skirt from Eli’s breakfast this morning and frizzy hair and legs that need to be shaved. They told me as I was checking out that I am supermom for having 2 kids and braving braces again. I don’t feel all that super today. But I bet I will in 18 months.