The number one thing that has helped me attain my frugal mindset and simpler way of life has been realizing that just because I have the money for something doesn’t mean I should pay for it. I have gone from the mindset of “I can afford it, so I’ll buy it” to “I can afford it, but is there a way I can do without or is there a way to lower that expense?”

Too often I hear people say that because they can afford to do something a certain way, they’ll do it that way. Without realizing that there are other ways to do those things. My first thought when any expense comes up is if I can do it or get it cheaper some other way. Can I find it used? Save money and recycle! Can I do it or make it myself? Do I *really* need this or have I just convinced myself that with more money comes more stuff to spend that money on?

It is amazing to me when I look around me and see the things that we convince ourselves are necessary in life. And proceed to spend on those things as if our life as we know it is miserable without it. I struggle with this still. There are my weaknesses that I have to talk myself out of a lot. And I allow myself an indulgence occasionally.

But I have come to learn that it’s not that hard to get used to things being more basic and simple. Along with that, once I realized that good enough isn’t just good enough – it’s often better – well, that made it all that much easier to commit to a life of simplicity. Because when you decide that you’re happy with what you have and don’t need more to feel more adequate or fulfilled, your life will be richer in money and happiness.