That’s me. An underbuyer. Here is my convoluted link to what this means. Mrs. Micah guest posted on PaidTwice about the topic a while back and I have had it on my brain since.

I underbuy. It is probably the largest factor of my spending that keeps me from being as frugal as possible. I know it extends from my desire not to accumulate stuff. I am a living in the moment, here and now kinda girl. If I could grocery shop everyday for the stuff I needed just for that day, I probably would. But that would be silly. I have two kids and a hubby who like food in the fridge and stuff on our pantry shelves.

When I go shopping for something, I want the least expensive one on the shelf. I don’t care if the bigger bulk item is cheaper per oz. I don’t stock up on groceries, I don’t stock up on shoes, clothes, anything for that matter when I find a deal and know I’ll use said item. Even when I go diaper shopping. Diapers is just one of those things that when you have a kid and choose to use disposables, it is necessary to buy diapers and really, it’s not like I have to worry about not needing the 88 in the case, right? But still. I go and I want the pack that costs $9.99. Not the huge case for $21. I am weird, I know.

I *have* to get out of the mindset that frugal means spending less. I have to get used to going with the deal even if I can’t see far enough into the future for when that 12th pack of diaper wipes will get used.

Hubby on the other hand is an overbuyer. He buys stuff on sale and stocks stocks stocks up. I suppose we balance each other out.

I am this way because when I spend even a few dollars I always have an idea in my head of spending less now so I have more for later. I know it doesn’t always make sense, but I’d rather have more money in the bank today than a cupboard full of canned goods. I find myself much more willing to spend more on bigger purchases. I like finding deals, sure. But I also would rather pay for quality items that are a bit more expensive when a need arises.Β  By scrimping on the everyday stuff, in my head I feel like I am saving money, evenΒ  though I may not be. Especially when it comes to everyday necessities.

So there you have how my brain works when it comes to spending money. I always want to have more in the bank today just in case something comes up rather than stocking up on stuff I can’t or won’t be using right away. I am sure it’s all a part of my living in the moment, cheery, happy go lucky personality. But I am working on it. Because when I really think about it, I know it saves money to stock up when something is on sale and I know that it makes sense to buy things that we regularly need in bulk.

Sometimes the underbuyer in me wins though and I am not as frugal as I should be.